Cult of the Dragon Below

The Cult of the Dragon Below have existed since the beginning of this age, roughly 5 AD. There have always been those, who chose to worship the Daelkyr and their power known as the Dragon Below in order to gain power or in hopes of some dark promise fulfilled. In modern times, cultists seek to release beings such as daelkyr or demons or gain power from those same beings through sacrifice or devotion.

Worship of the Cults of the Dragon Below are strongest in the western regions of Exsterno, especially the Shadow Marches. These regions suffered most during the Daelkyr attacks, and bear the greatest scars from that ancient conflict, physically and psychologically. Blackroot was especially hard-hit and so was the stage for the largest Dragon Below cult as Toraash 'Dorrm attempted to reopen a rift to the Xoriat

Most cultists practice in secret as society at large shuns such worship. The cults are illegal in all of the nations of Exsterno.