Goblintooth - Winter of 806 (Before its destruction)

Goblintooth old

Map of Goblintooth - found in the Bloodfrost Archives

Goblintooth updated

How Goblintooth Looked Before it was destroyed.

Storm at Goblintooth
Storm at Goblintooth II

The Storm at Goblintooth

Goblintooth updated after

What Goblintooth was reduced to when the fires and earthquakes stopped.

Goblintooth updated restored

Gulveig Silverfist had Goblintooth rebuilt and restructured. Orry Vantum and the Sterling Army now uses it as a military outpost with plans to add civilian housing currently in the works. Also the Goblintooth Dungeon is currently being inspected and cleared for a Military project to draft supreme heroes and help parole the Sterling Fields and spy on other areas.