Born in Capital City of Urrea in 326 AD Melchior (Human Wizard Dad) Sariah (Mom was impressed by his magic and rugged good looks) he owned a sorcery shop in the center of downtown and lived in the flat upstairs. Parents loved both kids but when they started to apprentice with their dad Leonard was more adept and Gratos was only able to master the fundamentals.

One day Leonard and Gratos were walking in the streets of the city. Gratos saw some elf children picking on human but Leonard said no they’re inferior needn’t bother. Gratos goes over to help the kid (Kiel) Leonard turns his back and walks towards a spellbook shop. Gratos is trying to use his magic but they get clobbered. They keep calling him a half-breed. When all seems lost Leonard comes back and helps them and Kiel becomes their friend and Kiel joins army, L and G decide to travel the land and master their craft further.

For several happy years the brothers travel together exploring learning magic and you know doing their best to make their way in the world but all the while Gratos could tell that something was troubling his brother as the years pass on Gratos noticed his brother slowly becoming more distant. As they were walking one day they came across a burning elven village Leonard said they deserve what they got Gratos feels the opposite they get into a altercation both physical and arcane. Gratos wears him down but in the end is overpowered. Leonard vows to never see him again . Leonard staff is broke so he takes Gratos’. Gratos keeps the broke staff as a reminder so he can never forget Leonard’s transgressions. Briefly involved with Boros underground drug ring he left due to morality reasons and he goes back to help his parents at the magic shop for a couple of years but while he is in the capital city he hears of the need for recruits to the army. Gratos aids Kiel who is now a captain in the Imperial Army. Gratos joined the Imperial Army and fought alongside Kiel and many others against the Silverfist Revolt. He achieves the rank of captain himself. He learns dad dies in 390 AD. Funeral Leonard doesn’t show up but sends a note of regret and that he wants to meet with Gratos, who is initially suspicious but decides to reconcile. They meet in Wild Thorn forest.