High Elf
High elf

High elves, also known as Eladrin, are graceful warriors and wizards that originated from the realm of Faerie,also known as the Feywild . In addition to living in the Feywild, they are at home in the forests of the world. They are magical in nature and share an interest in the arcane arts. From an early age they also learn to defend themselves, particularly with swords.

Eladrin are roughly of human height, standing between 5'5" and 6'1" on average, but are lighter, weighing in between 130 to 180 lbs. Even exceptionally strong eladrin look rather slim compared with other races, looking athletic rather than muscular. Most eladrin are fair-skinned rather than dark.

Eladrin eyes are most commonly green. Violet eyes are also not unheard of, though rarer. Eladrin native to the Feywild lack pupils and have eyes that appear to be solid orbs of color.

Eladrin, like elves, grow at a decelerating rate throughout their lives. Very young eladrin mature at a rate comparable with humans but during adolescence slow to a near stop until about 110 years of age, at which point eladrin are considered mature. Elves then remain vigorous and active until the middle of their third century. Even so, after this most eladrin suffer few of the infirmities of old age that plague other races, remaining full of life until the end.

Common to all eladrin is the fact that they don't sleep. Instead, they enter a trance, also known as a “reverie”, for four hours a day. During this time they meditate on recent events.


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