Shadowling Wraiths

Shadowling Wraiths

Shadowlings are an unusual psychic race of creatures that dwell underground. They trail a plume of dark gray smoke wherever they go. Some Shadowlings are able to grow one or two horns on their heads. Shadowlings communicate via telepathy. Shadowlings derive their sustenance primarily from the negative emotions of mammals, whom they have been known to stalk and torment.

Although shadowlings are not as physically strong as the other races, they make up for it with superior tactical knowledge, the ability to move farther in a shorter period of time, and with their powerful psy abilities. The vast majority of shadowlings have a strong affinty for Shadow skills. Their thirst for negative emotions also makes many shadowlings adept at some mental attacks such as feedback and vengeance.

A powerful band of Shadowlings known as the Brothers of Hellflame were known to exist in Exsterno in abundance and play the role of villain min many early fables in Exsterno's early history. Garevus is the last known Brother of Hellflame


Garevus - The Last Brother of Hellflame