Skye Stormguard


Basic Information:
  • Race: Drow
  • Class: Ranger
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 23
  • Level: 7 - 0 XP
  • Languages: Common, Elvish, Dwarvish
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Weight: 120
  • Hometown: New Hampshire
  • Deity: Avandra
  • Skin: Grey
  • Eyes: Grey
  • Hair: Silver
  • AC: 12
  • Health: 36
  • Surges: 7
  • Fortitude: 24 + 7
  • Acrobatics: 7 
  • Athletics: 7
  • Dexterity: 11
  • Endurance: 5
  • Stealth: 10
  • Thievery: 5
  • Aptitude: 13 + 1
  • Arcana: 0
  • Bluff: 10
  • Charisma: 10
  • Diplomacy: 0
  • Heal: 0
  • History: 5
  • Intimidate: 10 
  • Nature: 10
  • Perception: 20
  • Streetwise: 10
  • Steady Aim - Automatic Critcal + 1d8
  • Showtime - 2 actions in one turn
  • Javelin (33x) 1d6 [Equipped]
  • Shortbow - 1d6
  • Light Shield - [Equipped]
  • Firepot x1 -1d6
  • Essence of Frost - 1d6 + 2
  • Potion Ivy - 1d6 chance of entagnlement
  • Dagger (2) 1d4 [Equipped]
  • Short Swords (2x) - 1d6 [Equipped]
  • Longbow - 1d10 +1 fire damage [Equipped] - 
  • Shadow Arrows (10x)
  • Symbol of Battle
  • Longsword - 1d8
  • Gem Encrusted Platinum Bracelet [Name] - +1 Stealth
  • Horned Helm - + 1d6 on Charge attack
  • Vial of Poison (2x)
  • Potion Irritate (1x)
  • Golden Skull Mask [Equipment]
  • 0 pp
  • 1171 gp
  • 25 sp
  • 2 cp


One day in New Hampshire

Skye saw a horse he did want

a horse he could ride and flaunt

a sable black horse

whose coat was not course

a horse named "Renly Razorhoof"

who had an owner who was quite aloof

and so Skye climbed atop

and rode without stop

However, it did not take long

for guards to notice this wrong

they climbed atop their steeds

to right this unjust deed

their horses galloped with grace

through bushes and brambles they made chase

their horses wheezed like bellows

sprinting towards Skye, the felonious fellow

in a stroke of bad luck

Razorhoof became both muddy and stuck

with a pull a push and a buck

the horse and Skye did tire

the guards came quick on the two

and believed none of Skye's bluffs to be true

he was cuffed at the scene

and placed on the Nordic Challenger

a high security sea faring canister

the prison ship left port

leaving Skye without witty retort

and so Skye Stormguard

became prisoner of ship and sea-farred

and so Skye Stormguard

A man who knew the Darkmagics

thus became a man, quite pelagic

En route to the Prison Gaol

when everything went out of control

the vessel did sway and dip

until it was a capsized ship

The prison ship guard

then fell on prison bars

with a punch and a struggle

Skye was able to smuggle

the prison guard's dangling keys

with which he let himself free

Now one one restraint remained

for he was still quite adequately chained

the Challenger groaned and crackled

while Skye stood stuck in Vedalken Shackles

The Nordic Challenger once more found its feet

its bow and stern still complete

Skye released the other prisoners near

because they were simply nothing to fear

a man of shadow and night

a Tiefling skilled in speech and sleight

known as Jericho Midnight

There was also the embodiment of might

a Dragonborn who flashed an impressive bite

gifted with both sword and bow

he was Zed Kakuto

there were only two prisoners left

as one had already retched to death

One was a Drow with amber black skin

but Skye left him there to dwell within

his eyes were simply too untame

the evil Sorcerer, Anber Freeflame

The last prisoner behind key and lock

was a musclebound minotaur named Karrak

who looked like he could crush a rock

together these Four

went out the prison keep door

out onto main deck

looking like a right wreck

They discovered their clothes

in a chest on the bow

with Karrak's massive horns and Jericho's fists

removed bindings which were on their wrists

Skye however had left on his Vedalken shackles

which left the other three baffled

he headed up to the captain's quarters

to give him some new driving orders

all the rest killed some sentries

as Lilith and Narfen made their entry

these two had been arrived on the high seas

as a result of a magical sneeze

they introduced themselves

as Kobold and Half Elf

Narfen was met with displeasure

stuffed in a chest like ill fitting treasure

defeated and deterred

When below deck he heard

a scream and a shout

"Let me the hell out!"

so Narfen went down broken stares

and saw the Drow villain ensnared

without much thought or wit

and with only a spell forced shackles to split

Anber then tore a hole in the ship

through which he was able to slip

the rest of folks, despite danger and stress

had made there way to Captain Morkil Atlas

the ship began burning and without second thought

everyone held to eachother like a strange sort of knot

With a massive tremor of Expeditious Retreat

the group sans Atlas and Karrak found snow beneath their feet

they had been broughten

to the foothills near New Graaten

Skye Stormguard

leaves a wake of his enemies marred

Skye Stormguard

in his path are bodies left charred

Skye Stormguard

he battles without being scarred

Skye Stormguard

Up against Orcus priest

as foul as any dark beast

this day he was having ruddy luck

every arrow he fired did suck

until with aim blessed and true

he shot breast and head clean through

Kalarel fell dead in a pool of his own spreading red

Skye Stormguard

leaves a wake of his enemies marred

Skye Stormguard

in his path are bodies left charred

Skye Stormguard

he battles without being scarred

Sky Stormguard