Toraash 'Dorrm

Toraash 'Doorm is a minor orc artificer and Arcane whose talents lie in manipulation, magically altering the minds of others and working with aberrant creatures. He was the leader of a massive assault of brainwashed Trolls , Goblins , and Gnoll on Blodfen before the Silverfist Revolt. Toraash even used a massive ivory Bulette as his mount with an army of wolves under his control to vanguard his own attack. These wolves killed many of Blodfen's defenders including Anzor Skychild . Unfortunately for him, after Anzor fell on the battlefield his lover Lucia Embernight moved her way towards Toraash killing his wolf army and slaying his mighty Bulette before forcing him to retreat after delivering many deep slashes to Toraash's face. After his defeat he went into exile in Valkane where he remained until the Silverfist Revolt gained traction and he joined the Aurora Empire Army and fought with the Scarlet Banner to his back. During one of these battles a warlock from the opposing army opened a mighty rift. Toraash fell inside and after crawling through underground caverns for days came across an astonishing item, the Coat of Eyes , a leather jerkin formed from chitin and raw muscle crafted by the daelkyr Belashyrra .Dozens of eyes are set across it, taking in everything that happens around the wearer. The Symbiont armor needing to leave the underground caverns whispered to Toraash to put it on. he did and together they found their way out near the small town of Blackroot. The Coat however was displeased with its vessel however Toraash was physically and psychologically attached and so pleaded with the Coat of Eyes to give him the opportunity to please the coat. Together they forged a secret underground system of caverns and began gathering hidden Symbionts scattered across the land. soon the time had come to release even more aberrant creatures and astral beings forth from the Xoriat and so weeks of preparation began with Toraash altering the minds of every citizen of Blackroot and binding them to incantations and rituals of the Cult of the Dragon Below . However the Veledaars a powerful family in Blackroot caught wind of Toraash's deeds and wanted to put a stop to it, unfortunatly for them they were to become the last important piece to the puzzle they were slaughtered and with the aid of a Baleful Eye their souls were trapped within a prison of large crimson crystals. He then made himself the Reeve of Blackroot and kept any wandering travelers from staying in Blackroot as he waited for the perfect night to kill the last remaining member of the Veledaars and open the rift to Xoriat in order to please the Coat of Eyes and Belashyrra. However when time came to finish the task he was stopped by a roving band of adventurers and slayed.