a werewolf, or lycanthrope, is a humanoid shapeshifter based on various legends of lycanthropes, werecats, and other such beings. In addition to the werewolf; weretigers, wereboars, werebears and other shapeshifting creatures similar to werewolves and related beings are considered lycanthropes.

Lycanthropy is both hereditary (the children of lycanthropes are lycanthropes of the same type) and infectious (victims of lycanthrope bites become lycanthropes themselves, of the same type as the attacker). The rules distinguish between natural and afflicted lycanthropes, according to the cause of lycanthropy, and handle them by different rules.  Hereditary lycanthropes can change shape at will, and retain their personality, being in control of their actions. Infected lycanthropes' shapechanges are affected by the full moon. They usually are not aware of their actions and act as aggressive predators. Lycanthropes can assume the form of an animal/humanoid hybrid, in addition to their animal form. Most lycanthropes in animal form can communicate with animals of their type. In humanoid form, they can use any weapon, and in animal form they use natural weapons like the corresponding animals, but each type has a different fighting style in hybrid form. Werewolves and other lycanthropes are vulnerable to silver and highly resistant to other kinds of harm.